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Joe's work has been exhibited in: 

Anchorage Museum

British Museum in London, UK

National Museum of the American Indian

Inuit Art Quarterly

Smithsonian Institution

Cascadia Art Museum

Alaska Pacific University

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

Vice Presidential Collection in Washington, D.C. 

Staatliches Museum for Volderkunde in Munich, Germany

Arts for the Arctic in Norway

Fondation Cartier Pour L'Art in Paris, France

Governor's Mansion, Juneau, Alaska

Grand Exhibitions

1967-1968 Group and Solo, American Indian Historical Society, San Francisco. 1979-1984 Solo Show, Sindin Gallery, New York.

1985 Group Show, Stonington Gallery, Anchorage.

1986 Participant, Alaskameut '86, Native Artists' Mask Carving Workshop, Fairbanks. 1986 Group Show, Stonington Gallery, Anchorage.

1987 Participant, Alaskameut II, Native Artists' Mask Carving Workshop, Fairbanks.

1988-1995 Traveling exhibit, People in Peril, Visual Arts Center of Alaska, Anchorage and nationally. 1989-1999 Group Show, traveling, Contemporary American Indian Art Gallery, San Francisco.

1990 Group Show, Institute of Alaska Native Arts, Fairbanks. 1990 Solo Show, Visual Arts Center of Alaska, Anchorage.

1995 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

1998 As Culture Changes: Traditional & Contemporary Alaska Native Art, Pratt Museum, Homer, Alaska. 1999 New work, Campobello Restaurant, Anchorage.

2000 Group Show, Wired, International Gallery of Art, Anchorage.

2000 Group Show, Big Heads, International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage.

2001 Group Show, Feelings, An Exhibition of Touchable Art, International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage.

2002 Group Show, Senungetuk X 4, Nev.; Work, A unique exhibit featuring four artists related by birth and marriage, Alaska Glass Gallery Downtown, Anchorage.

2003 Group Show, Sculpture Invitational, Decker /Morris Gallery, Anchorage 3/2003 Group Show, Undercurrent, Decker/Morris Gallery, Anchorage

2003 Story Knife, works by Catherine & Joe Senungetuk, Carr Gottstein Gallery, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage "The artists long ago had a spiritual guide in the form of the story knife, which kept the stories alive."

2020 Yesteryear's Seasons, Woodcut print, British Museum, Arctic Exhibition, London, UK.


1972 Give or Take a Century; An Eskimo Chronicle by Senungetuk, Joseph (San Francisco, Indian Historian Press, 210 pages.)

1990 Illustrations for Favorite Eskimo Tales Retold by Ethel Ross Oliver; wrote foreword, glossary.

1989-1990 Writing as Columnist for Anchorage Daily News, Inc.

1992-1994 Columnist, Anchorage Gazette.

1998-1999 Music and Theater Reviews, Native Art in Alaska commentaries, Anchorage Daily News

2001-2002 Articles in Range, Anchorage Monthly Magazine of Arts, Culture, Music and Politics.


National Graphic Exhibit, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, 1960--1st Place for "Birds Flight"

(lithograph/ stone).

Annual "Earth, Fire and Fibre," Juried Exhibition at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1977--1st Place for mixed media sculpture, "Stoned Harpoon."

Award for Excellence, Poster design for Chicago Field Museum permanent Exhibit," 1981.

Alaska State Council on the Arts, Individual Distinguished Artist Award, 2021

Private and Public Collections 

Seatac Airport, Seattle, WA              

Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK                                 David Barr, :MI

Karen Kosoglad, Seattle, WA                                           Kevin Gottlieb, Anchorage, AK

Dennis  and  Jane Demmert, Fairbanks, AK                  Field Museum,  Chicago, IL                                                         

CANADA Governor's  Mansion, Juneau, AK                  CIRI, Anchorage, AK

Whatcom  Museum, Bellingham, WA                            University of Alaska Anchorage

University of Alaska Fairbanks                                        Paula & Brad Dickey, Homer, AK

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Hamlin, San Marino, CA          Laurel Andrews, Anchorage, AK

Mrs. Carol Richards, Long Beach, CA                              John Sackett, Fairbanks, AK                       

Deborah Bonito, Anchorage, AK                                     Dr. Jean-Loup Rousselot, Museum of Folk Art, Munich, GERMANY

Nancy Felton, Anchorage, AK                                          Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, AK

Jeffrey Barnes, Anchorage, AK

Ronald Senungetuk, Homer, AK        

Jennifer Senungetuk, Chicago, IL

Marsha Carroll, Anchorage, AK            

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